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What Foods Can Be Fatal For Your Dog?

Most people know that CHOCOLATE can make their dogs sick. However, many pet owners do not realize that ONIONS CAN BE DEADLY to a dog. Onions come in many forms, from chives to fried onion rings, from dehydrated in soups and sauces to mixed in meatloaf, burgers, or casseroles. No matter how you slice 'em, onions can make dogs very ill. Other dangerous foods for dogs are: POTATO SKINS, APPLE SEEDS, MOLDY CHEESE, and RHUBARB.

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How Prolific A Flea Can Be?

One adult female flea can produce 2,000 eggs over her lifetime.

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What Harmful Diseases Ticks Can Carry?

Ticks can carry a number of harmful diseases, including Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Canine Ehrichiosis, Human Granulocytic Ehrlichiosis, and Tularemia to name a few. The best approach is to keep ticks off your pet before they can attach and infect your pet. There are number of products to protect dogs, cats, horses, and other animals from ticks.

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Cancer-causing Chemicals in Pet Products

Some pet supplies contain cancer-causing chemicals. Other products have irritating and dangerous chemicals as their active ingredients. Check the label or ask your Vet about the least toxic products. All-natural products do NOT contain harmful ingredients and are generally a safer option for you, your pet, and your family.

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You Cant Use Dog Products on Cats?

Many shampoos, sprays, and chemicals used commonly and harmlessly on dogs can be toxic and deadly to cats. For example, products containing tar or salicyclic acid (aspirin) can be highly toxic to felines if ingested (and keep in mind that cats love to lick themselves, especially after bathing). You must also excercise caution when applying flea and tick insecticides that contain organophosphates because side effects of these chemicals are seen more frequently in cats than in dogs." (Source: Chris C. Pinney, DVM, Guide To Home Pet Grooming, Barron's Educational Series) Pampered Pet Products are all-natural and safe to use on dogs, cats, and other small pets.

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The Benefits of Good Dog Grooming?

Good grooming is just as important for dogs as it is for people. According to Judy Kurpiel, president of International Professional Groomers Inc. in Elk Grove, Illinois, grooming offers many benefits. Good grooming helps prevent sores, helps determine skin problems, removes dead hair, allows skin to breathe, stimulates oil production, and helps find lumps that may be tumors. Kurpiel says a good groomer can notice common symptoms of ear infection, tapeworms, nail problems, or infected gums that a pet owner may overlook.

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What Houseplants Can Be Fatal to Cats?

Dr. Jill A. Richardson, veterinary poison information specialist for the ASPCA 's National Animal Poison Control Center, warns that certain plants may prove harmful to cats. A partial list of these plants includes, Ferns, Azalea, Baby's Breath, Clematis, Croton, Cyclamen, Daffodil, Diefenbachia, Geranium, most Ivy & Lily plants, Morning Glory, Pothos, Primrose, Rhododendron, and Tomato Plant.

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How Prolific A Tick Can Be?

Ticks feed on your pet, mate, grow, then leave the pet to lay 1,000-5,000 eggs in the baseboards, grass, and wooded areas.


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