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Faery Spells ~

Spells for Faery Protection of Your Property ~

For this spell, you will need:

1. A small, attractive faery or gnome statue to place in your garden, to represent their benevolent presence on the property

2. A few tea lights

3. Violet or lilac oil (just a drop or two)

4. A posy, or a small bouquet of flowers that are sacred to the faeries

5. Timing: in a waxing or a full moon. Work on a Monday for the moon's psychic influence. Chant the following spell three times:

Small garden faeries, brownies, and gnomes, Come circle 'round and protect my home. A token of friendship I now leave in this place May you always guard and defend this sacred place.

Stopping Faery Mischief in the Home ~

To work this spell, you will need:

1. A tea light

2. Patchouli oil (a drop or two on the candle)

3. A half cup of graveyard dirt- if you can't discreetly get your hands on some, you may substitute dried, crushed mullein leaves

4. Iron cauldron, any size. Put the graveyard dirt in the cauldron. Place a tea light inside of the cauldron, on top of the dirt. If you used dried mullein leaves, sprinkle them in a circle going in a widdershins direction around the outside of the cauldron. (For safety, do not have dry ingredients near an open flam.)

5. Timing: On a full moon for power; during the waning moon for banishing; and in the dark of the moon if you are in way over your head. Work on a Friday (Venus's day) if you are asking them to leave nicely. Choose a Saturday, Saturn's day, for a full-blown banishing, should the situation be intense.

Repeat this spell three times:

That's quite enough trouble; it's time now to cease, Halt your Fae mischief, cause no more faery grief. With love I release you, go safely on your way, Return to the garden to sing, dance, and play.