nature spells

Check the Phases of the moon



Herbal Healing


Natural Beauty



Crate Man Jr. Help Curtis the Crate Man reach the red crates in each room.
Dog Bones Can you help Rover find his 5 bones?
Find The Words See if you can find all the words in a 16x16 matrix of letters.
Palace Guard Jigsaw Be the fastest on the Net as you put together the Palace Guards.
Roman Coliseum Jigsaw Put together the Coliseum faster then anyone else on the Internet.
Pic-N-Pair (People) Race against the clock as you try to match the correct pair.
Pic-N-Pair (World Capitals) Race to match the capitals with the country.
Raku Jr. Flip all the tiles back to blue in a few moves as possible.
Robix Get your 10 marbles to the bottom before the computer.
The Shell Game Guess which cup the ball is under.
Thesaurus Tangle Jr. Unscramble the mystery synonym relating to a word.
Topic Tangle Jr. Race the clock as you unscramble words related to a topic.