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Dream Pillows

Dream Pillows Dream pillows are small, decorative pillows filled with stuffing and a small amount of dried, fragrant herbs, such as lavender or rose petals, to promote restful sleep or love.

1. Cut your dream pillow fabric into 61/2-inch squares. Place the right sides of the fabric together.

2. Sew shut three of the sides of the pillow using a 4/8-inch seam allowance. On the final and fourth side, sew the seams in one inch on both sides, leaving the center open to receive stuffing

3. Turn the pillow right side out; work out the corners to a point, and press.

4. Stuff the pillow with fiberfill and add a few tablespoons of dried herbs.

5. If you care to use an essential oil, use one drop in the center of the stuffing. Don't go overboard on the oils. It will stain the pillow and, if the scent is too strong, it may make the recipient nauseous. A light scent is desirable, nothing more.

6. Sew the pillow shut by hand. Pin the raw edges together, turning them to the inside, and then whipstitch the pillow closed with matching thread.

To enchant your pillow, say this verse while you sew the pillow shut:

By the powers of magick and flowers grown, Bless this dream pillow that I have sewn.

Secure your seam with three knots and snip the thread on the last verse.

Note: Please be careful and do not use any herb or oil that may be toxic, especially if you are giving this pillow to an older child or pregnant woman. If this is a gift for a child, make sure that they are old enough not to eat the contents.

Some safe herbs, fragrant flowers, and spices to use in dream pillows are lavender for peace; rose petals for love and romance; chamomile flowers to soothe and uplift; calendula blooms promote good health; mint leaves encourage prosperity and are refreshing; dried grated orange rind and lemon rind will perk you up and boost your energy; rose geranium leaves are for elegance and devotion.

Recipes for spellbinding Dream Pillows ~

These sachets may be inserted into either charm bags or dream pillows.

Conception: Pastel yellow for creativity (tie up the bag with blue and or pink ribbons); yarrow, rosebuds, cyclamen leaf or bloom for fertility; acorns for a boy and cinquefoil for a girl (add both if you aren't particular); rose quartz for love; and a moonstone for the goddess' assistance.

Good Luck: Green and gold; a four leaf clover, mint, cinquefoil, basil, and an oak or maple leaf for prosperity and good fortune; aventurine is the gamblers stone.

Love: Pink and Red; red rose petals, yarrow, and rosemary for love; a maple leaf to sweeten things up; rose quartz for love. Note: Don't target anyone specifically, us this to draw love to you.

Peace: Blue or light purple; angelica, lavender flowers, and pink rose petals for peace and healing; an amethyst and moonstone for their protective and calming qualities.

Pick-Me-Up: Orange and Yellow; bergamot, dried orange, and lemon peel, and mint to refresh you; carnation petals for energy; tiger's-eye and carnelian for passion and courage.

Prosperity: Green or gold; cinnamon sticks, cinquefoil, mint, and pine to attract money; aventurine and malachite brings fortune and prosperity.

Protection: Black or purple; periwinkle vine, garlic, morning glory vine, and dill for protection; sea salt to banish bad vibes; a hematite stone for grounding and distressing; an obsidian for protection and courage.

Psychic Powers: Purple or silver; cyclamen, violets, a rowan leaf, and lilac leaf or flower to promote psychic abilities; a black feather for mystery; a quartz crystal for power; and a moonstone to encourage empathy.

Safe Travel: Blue or white; yarrow for courage; lavender for its calming influences; sea salt to break up negativity; moonstone is a safe travel stone.

Study and Knowledge: Orange, lily of the valley, lavender, fennel, dill, and sage for wisdom; clematis for mental beauty; carnations for stamina; and quartz crystal for power.


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