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To Make Love Secure ~

Take a lock of hair and/or fingernail clippings from your lover or spouse, and by the light of a pink, strawberry scented candle, place them in a hollowed out apple along with dried and ground unicorn root, pansy flowers or spikenard, and a lock of your own hair. Pass the apple through the smoke of frankincense and myrrh, wrap it in a piece of white satin, and then bury it in your backyard or flower pot.

To Attract The Opposite Sex ~

Brew a magikal tea from gentian, marigold, passionflower, rue, sumbul root, or violets. Strain and add some to your bathwater for seven nights in a row.

Spell To Increase Possibilities ~

On a Thursday under a waxing moon during the second hour of darkness, light a purple candle and a green candle.

Place some sage in a natural vessel (such as a seashell) and place yellow flowers (preferably dandelions) in water, in front of the candles.


I ask the creativity of the universe to be shown to me. I open my eyes and my heart to potential and inspiration. I join in the flow of opportunity and all creation within the greater good. I ask that this be done now.

So it be. And so it is.

Blow out the candles. Let the flowers die and then dispose of the sage.

Spells To Keep Your Lover Faithful :

The following five simple spells can be used to keep your lover true to you:


  • Brew tea from senna herb, strain and pour the liquid into your lovers bathwater without his or hers knowledge.Sprinkle some powdered licorice herb over the footprints of your lover or spouse.
  • Moisten a small amount of linden herb on the palm of your right hand and then dab it on your lover's forehead when he or she is sleeping.
  • Place a handful of marigolds or roosemary in, around, and underneath the bed in which your lover or spouse sleeps.
  • Mix some cumin into your lover's food or drink to keep him or her faithful, especially if you are to be separated for long periods of time.

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