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Four Simple Spells To Attract Money ~

  1. Burn a bayberry scented candle and sprinkle some dried and powdered bayberry root in the candle's flame.

  2. Brew a tea from the herb know as earth smoke and sprinkle it all around the inside and outside of your home, as well as on the bottom of your shoes.

  3. Soak Khus-khus in rainwater for at least three days. Strain the liquid into a bottle and add it to your bathwater.

  4. Make a money drawing Witch Bottle : By the light of a green candle, put a bayberry root, a lucky hand root, a mandrake root, and a snake root into a small jar. Fill the jar to the top with a tea made from spikenard. Cap the jar tightly and seal it with melted wax from a green candle.

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