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Spell to Weaken a Sorcerer's Power

On a night when the moon is waning
swipe a lucky rabbits foot through the flame of a black candle. Sprinkle the rabbit's foot with dirt from a graveyard and place it on top of a picture or sketch of the sorcerer who is using negative powers against you.
Wrap the amulet in a black cloth, being sure to make each fold away from you, never towards you, and then secure with a piece of black yarn.

Bore a hole in the western side of a tree on the sorcerers property, getting as close to his or her home as possible, and then hide the amulet inside. As the sun sets every evening the power that the sorcerer has over you will diminish every day.

Spell to Increase Power

On a Tuesday during a waxing moon and in the second hour after sunset, light a yellow candle. Place yellow flowers in a vase with water and place a ginger root next to the vase.

Meditate in front of the burning candle and call upon the elements to make you stronger and more powerful.

Let the candle burn for one hour then dispose of the ginger root in the light of a full moon.

Spell to Release Fear

On a waning moon on any day of the week but Saturday, place an ice cube in a bowl next to a burning white candle. Next to the candle place some lavender in a natural vessel and place white carnations in the vase.

While concentrating on the candle call upon the God and Goddess to help you release your fear and remove any evil from your life.

Blow out the candle. Let the bowl sit until all water has evaporated.

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